Rashid Khan: Back Injury Forces Withdrawal from BBL 13

by Amit
Image of Rashid Khan, the Afghan cricket star, announcing his withdrawal from BBL 13 due to a back injury.

The world of cricket was recently hit with disappointing news as Afghanistan’s star all-rounder, Rashid Khan, announced his withdrawal from the upcoming Big Bash League (BBL) 13 due to a debilitating back injury. The Adelaide Strikers, his home in the Big Bash, expressed deep regret over the situation, and fans are left wondering about the repercussions of his absence in the league.

Rashid Khan: A Cricketing Maestro

Before delving into the implications of Rashid Khan’s withdrawal, it’s essential to understand the significance of his contributions to cricket. Hailing from Afghanistan, Rashid Khan has emerged as one of the most talented and impactful cricketers in the contemporary game. His versatility as a leg-spinner and a handy lower-order batsman has made him a sought-after player in various T20 leagues globally.

Rashid’s journey in the Big Bash League began in December 2017 when he made his debut for the Adelaide Strikers. Over the years, he has become a linchpin in the team’s success, playing a pivotal role in their BBL title win in 2018. With an impressive record of 98 wickets in 69 matches at an average of 17.51 and an economy rate of 6.44, Rashid has etched his name as one of the Strikers’ all-time greats.

The Unfortunate Back Injury

The sudden announcement of Rashid Khan’s withdrawal from BBL 13 has left cricket enthusiasts and Adelaide Strikers fans in shock. The Strikers management confirmed that Rashid’s back injury requires a minor operation, prompting his absence from the upcoming league. Tim Nielsen, the General Manager of Cricket at Adelaide Strikers, expressed the team’s sentiments, acknowledging Rashid’s significant impact on the squad over the past seven years.

The Strikers, a team that values Rashid not just for his on-field exploits but also for his long-standing commitment to the franchise, will undoubtedly feel the void left by the Afghan maestro. Nielsen stated, “Rashid is a beloved member of the Strikers and a fan favourite who has been with us for seven years, so he will be extremely missed this summer.”

Impact on Adelaide Strikers

Rashid Khan’s withdrawal poses a significant challenge for the Adelaide Strikers as they prepare for the upcoming BBL season. Beyond the statistics, Rashid’s on-field leadership, strategic insights, and ability to turn the game in crucial moments have been instrumental in the Strikers’ success. His absence not only leaves a hole in the bowling department but also raises questions about who will step up to fill the role of the team’s talisman.

The Strikers are yet to announce a replacement for Rashid, and the management, along with the coaching staff, faces the daunting task of finding someone capable of shouldering the responsibilities that Rashid carried. The team’s retention of Rashid’s rights for future seasons indicates their unwavering faith in his abilities and underscores the hope for his swift recovery.

Rashid’s International Prowess

Beyond his impact in T20 leagues, Rashid Khan has been a linchpin in Afghanistan’s cricketing journey. His performances in international cricket, especially in ODIs and T20Is, have been exceptional. In the recently concluded ODI World Cup, Rashid played a crucial role for Afghanistan, finishing as their leading wicket-taker with 11 scalps.

However, the toll of international commitments, coupled with the demanding schedule of T20 leagues, seems to have taken a toll on Rashid’s physical well-being. This raises broader questions about the delicate balance that players must strike between international duties and lucrative franchise opportunities.

League-wide Ramifications

Rashid Khan’s withdrawal from BBL 13 is not an isolated incident. It follows the earlier withdrawal of another overseas player, Harry Brook, from the Melbourne Stars. The back-to-back instances of key players opting out raise concerns about the preparedness and fitness of international players for the rigorous demands of T20 leagues.

The Big Bash League, known for its star-studded line-ups and competitive nature, relies heavily on marquee players to draw crowds and maintain its status as one of the premier T20 competitions globally. The absence of players of Rashid Khan’s caliber could potentially impact the overall competitiveness and appeal of the league.

The Strikers’ Dilemma: Finding a Worthy Replacement

With Rashid Khan ruled out, the Adelaide Strikers are now tasked with finding a suitable replacement who can match his prowess with both bat and ball. The team’s success in the past, especially in the championship-winning season of 2018, was built around Rashid’s match-winning performances.

The Strikers’ management, in collaboration with the coaching staff, will need to carefully assess the available options in the transfer market or within their squad to identify someone who can seamlessly integrate into Rashid’s role. This decision is crucial not just for the upcoming season but for maintaining the Strikers’ competitiveness in the long run.

Potential Replacements and Strategies

The Strikers have a few options to consider as they navigate through the challenge of replacing Rashid Khan. One immediate option is to look within the squad, with leg-spinner Cameron Boyce emerging as a potential candidate. Boyce, who returned to Adelaide ahead of the previous BBL season, showed promise with five wickets in six games.

Additionally, the Strikers have off-spinning allrounder Matt Short and leg-spinner Ben Manenti in their ranks, providing flexibility in their spin-bowling options. The team is also permitted to explore overseas players as replacements, adding an extra layer of strategy to their decision-making process.

Rashid Khan’s Legacy and Future Prospects

As Rashid Khan undergoes the necessary treatment for his back injury, cricket fans around the world will be eagerly awaiting his return to the field. His impact on the game extends beyond statistics; Rashid’s charisma, sportsmanship, and ability to unite cricket fans globally make him a cricketing icon.

While the immediate focus is on his recovery and potential return for future seasons, the lingering question is whether Rashid will be fit for other T20 franchise competitions this summer. His participation in Afghanistan’s upcoming T20 series against India in January remains uncertain, adding an element of suspense to his international commitments.

International Career Highlights

Reflecting on Rashid Khan’s journey in international cricket adds context to the disappointment of his BBL withdrawal. From his debut in 2015 to becoming the captain of the Afghanistan cricket team across all three formats, Rashid’s career has been marked by numerous milestones.

His standout performances, such as the historic T20I five-wicket haul against Ireland in 2017 and the ODI seven-wicket haul against the West Indies in 2017, have etched his name in cricketing history. Rashid’s influence in Test cricket, where he became the first bowler for Afghanistan to take a five-wicket haul, showcases his adaptability across formats.

The T20 World Cup Connection

Rashid Khan’s association with T20 cricket is not just confined to domestic leagues; he has been a force to reckon with in T20 World Cups. His performances in the 2019 Cricket World Cup, where he played a pivotal role in Afghanistan’s matches against Australia, Sri Lanka, and England, highlight his ability to shine on the global stage.

His captaincy

stint in the T20 World Cup, coupled with personal milestones like taking his 400th wicket in T20 cricket in November 2021, solidifies his stature as a T20 specialist. The cricketing world eagerly awaits Rashid’s return to the international stage, with hopes that his back injury won’t hamper his participation in future T20 World Cups.

Rashid Khan’s Captaincy

Following the 2019 Cricket World Cup, Rashid Khan assumed the captaincy across all three formats for Afghanistan, marking a new chapter in his cricketing journey. His leadership debut in Test cricket against Bangladesh resulted in a convincing win for Afghanistan.

However, the captaincy role had its share of challenges. Rashid Khan’s decision to step down as captain after the T20 World Cup squad announcement in 2021, citing a lack of consent in team selection, highlighted the complexities of leadership in cricketing nations.

Recognition and Awards

Rashid Khan’s contributions to cricket have not gone unnoticed. In 2018, the International Cricket Council (ICC) named him the Associate Cricketer of the Year, recognizing his impact on the global stage despite Afghanistan’s status as an associate nation.

Furthermore, Rashid’s nomination and subsequent win of the ICC Men’s T20I Cricketer of the Decade award in 2020 underscore his dominance in the shortest format of the game. These accolades reflect not only individual brilliance but also the collective achievements of Afghanistan’s cricketing journey.


As Rashid Khan embarks on the road to recovery from his back injury, the cricketing fraternity is left to reflect on the impact of his absence from the upcoming BBL 13. The Adelaide Strikers, while facing an immediate challenge in finding a replacement, remain steadfast in their support for Rashid’s recovery and future involvement with the team.

The broader conversation sparked by Rashid’s withdrawal revolves around the delicate balance international cricketers must strike between representing their nations and participating in lucrative T20 leagues. As fans eagerly await Rashid’s return, the dynamics of T20 cricket and its toll on players’ physical well-being will likely be subjects of increased scrutiny.

In the grand tapestry of cricketing narratives, Rashid Khan’s story is far from over. His legacy, marked by numerous records, leadership stints, and global recognition, is poised for further chapters. The hope is that Rashid’s journey, both as a player and a leader, continues to inspire cricket enthusiasts and pave the way for Afghanistan’s continued rise on the international cricketing stage.

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