Black Friday 2023: Tracing the Roots, Unveiling Significance, & Exploring Global Impact.

A diverse array of shoppers eagerly explore Black Friday deals in a bustling retail environment and its global impact

Shoppers navigate through a sea of discounts during Black Friday, reflecting the worldwide phenomenon that has evolved from its origins in Philadelphia.

Black Friday, an annual shopping phenomenon, unfolds a day after Thanksgiving, a time when families in the United States come together to express gratitude over a sumptuous meal. This day not only signifies the transition into the Christmas season but has evolved into a global retail extravaganza marked by unparalleled discounts and promotions. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the origins of Black Friday, its historical significance, and the global impact of the shopping frenzy that defines this annual event.

Origins of Black Friday

The origins of Black Friday can be traced back to the bustling streets of Philadelphia in the 1960s. Coined by the Philadelphia Police, the term initially described the chaos that ensued as suburban tourists flooded the city for holiday shopping. The result was major traffic jams, accidents, and challenges for law enforcement. In an attempt to rebrand the day, city merchants proposed calling it “Big Friday,” but the term Black Friday persisted and gained global recognition.

Interestingly, the term Black Friday has roots dating back to 1869, well before its association with holiday shopping. It was used to describe the financial schemes of Wall Street financiers Jay Gould and Jim Fisk. Their attempt to manipulate the gold market led to a stock market crash on a Friday in September, resulting in bankruptcy for many investors. Over the years, the term has evolved, and today, This is synonymous with massive retail discounts and the commencement of the holiday shopping season.


What started as a local tradition in Philadelphia has evolved into a major cultural and economic event with global ramifications. It serves as the official kick-off for the Christmas shopping season, setting the stage for weeks of festive retail activity. It has become more than just a day of deals; it symbolizes the excitement and anticipation of the holiday season.

The significance extends beyond the borders of the United States. In a world interconnected by technology and commerce, the event has influenced consumer behavior globally. Countries around the world have embraced the concept of Black Friday, adapting it to their cultural and retail landscapes. This transformation has turned Black Friday into a truly international phenomenon.

Black Friday Sales in India

While traditionally associated with the West, Black Friday has made significant inroads into the Indian retail market. Top brands and retailers, both online and offline, now participate in the Black Friday sales extravaganza, offering enticing deals and discounts to Indian consumers.


Croma, a leading electronic brand in India, has embraced Black Friday with a sale extending from November 24 to 26. The ‘darkest’ Black Friday sale promises significant discounts on electronics, smartphones, home appliances, and other gadgets. An innovative touch is added with exclusive consumer promotions, such as selfies in dark attire unlocking additional discount coupons.


The e-commerce giant Amazon, known for its global presence, is a key player in India’s Black Friday sales. Discounts are offered on a wide array of products, including gadgets like tablets, speakers, watches, phones, and laptops. Indian consumers eagerly anticipate the sale on Amazon, providing an opportunity to purchase coveted items at reduced prices.


Nykaa, a prominent beauty platform in India, has given Black Friday a unique twist by branding it as Pink Friday. The Pink Friday Sale boasts a 50% discount on over 2,100 brands, including luxurious names like M.A.C, Bobbi Brown, and Charlotte Tilbury. Additional perks include 1+1 deals, early access for privileged members, and interactions with top beauty influencers.


Sportswear giant Adidas is set to offer up to 60% off on all purchases, with an additional 20% discount at checkout during Black Friday. This presents an excellent opportunity for fitness enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals in India to upgrade their wardrobes with quality sportswear.


Fashion retailer H&M, known for its trendy and affordable clothing, is participating in the Black Friday sales in India. Discounts ranging from 20% to 60% on various items are applicable for both online and offline purchases, attracting fashion enthusiasts looking to revamp their wardrobes.


Ajio, a leading online fashion store in India, is offering discounts ranging from 50% to 90% on a diverse range of products. This includes clothing, accessories, footwear, and eyewear. The sale period, spanning from November 24 to 27, provides ample time for Indian shoppers to explore and make the most of the Black Friday deals.


Zara, a globally recognized clothing brand, is contributing to the Black Friday extravaganza in India by providing discounts of up to 40% on selected items. The discounts are available for both online and offline purchases, offering fashion-forward individuals the opportunity to acquire stylish pieces at discounted rates.

Vijay Sales

Vijay Sales, a prominent electronic retailer in India, is enticing customers with significant discounts on a range of products. From smartwatches to laptops, phones to appliances, this sale at Vijay Sales is a haven for tech enthusiasts seeking unbeatable deals. Apple enthusiasts, in particular, have the opportunity to acquire the latest iPhone 15 at a discounted price, with additional benefits such as instant discounts and exchange offers.

Tata CliQ

Tata Group’s online shopping platforms—Tata CLiQ, Tata CLiQ Luxury, and Tata CLiQ Palette—are actively participating in the much-anticipated  Sale. The sale spans across a spectrum of categories, including apparel, beauty, accessories, footwear, home, jewelry, watches, and more. Customers can enjoy discounts of up to 85% on their favorite brands, coupled with added benefits such as free shipping, additional coupons, and bank offers. Tata CLiQ Luxury is also offering substantial discounts on leading brands like Calvin Klein, DKNY, Guess, and Tommy Hilfiger.


In conclusion, Black Friday has transcended its origins as a local tradition in the United States to become a global shopping phenomenon. Its roots in chaos and financial history have given way to a cultural and economic event that captures the attention of consumers worldwide. The significance of Black Friday extends beyond the mere act of shopping; it marks the beginning of the festive season and serves as a barometer for consumer sentiment.

These sales in India exemplify the internationalization of this event, with top brands and retailers offering attractive deals to cater to the demands of Indian consumers. As the world becomes increasingly connected, Black Friday is no longer confined to a single country or region—it’s a shared experience that brings people together through the universal language of shopping.

So, as Black Friday 2023 unfolds, consumers around the world, including those in India, can gear up for an unparalleled shopping experience filled with discounts, promotions, and the joy of finding the perfect holiday deals. Whether you’re navigating the bustling streets of Philadelphia or exploring online platforms in India, Black Friday is a celebration of consumerism that transcends borders and brings people together in the spirit of festive cheer. Happy shopping!

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